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Animal Experimentation Alternatives Conference

Future Medical Research Without the Use of Animals: Facing the Challenge — 1990




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This major international conference, held in Tel Aviv in May 1990, was organized and funded entirely by CHAI. It was the first international conference on alternatives to the use of animals in laboratories held anywhere in the world. One immediate result of the conference was that the Israeli army switched from operating on healthy dogs to using non-animal alternatives for training paramedics. Years later, however, with the replacement of the Chief of the Army Medical Corps, the Army increasingly reverted to using dogs.


We are presenting here three addresses from this conference.



  • Future Medical Research Without Nonhuman Animals: An Introduction (Francione)
  • The Process of Medical Discovery (Reines)
  • Animal Experiments at the Crossroads Between Economy, Research, and Ethics (Pascal)
  • Animal Experimentation: A Methodological Error (Croce)
  • Amblyopia (Buyukmihci)
  • Animal Models of Multiple Sclerosis (Kaufman)
  • Fraudulent Statistical Methods in Animal Research (Bross)
  • The Irrelevance of Animal Experimentation in Modern Psychiatry and Psychology (Cohen)
  • The Use of Nonhuman Animals in Psychobiological and Behavioral Research (Barnes)
  • Advantages and Safety of Clinical Research (Heimlich)
  • Identification of Neurotoxicity by In Vitro Methodology: Principles and Applications of General Cell Toxicological Assays (Walum)
  • Alternatives to Whole Animal Testing: Research Programs of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Nadolney)
  • Family Practice with Natural Medicine: Experience, Prospects, and Possibilities (Mansfield)