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The Olive Walker Alternatives Fund

CHAI member Olive Walker has made several contributions to promote alternatives to the use of animals in laboratories in Israel. The money may be used to sponsor an exhibit of currently available alternatives for Israel's biomedical research community or to award a grant to a student or a scientist working on developing an alternative. We are now offering an annual grant of $25,000 to a scientist or student interested in developing an alternative to an existing animal experiment. The grants can be multiyear: $25,000 each year for up to three consecutive years.


Examples of animal tests: animals torn from family groups are isolated, restrained, starved, burned, poisoned, forced to inhale smoke, have electrodes put into their brains, are shocked, perpetually sleep-deprived, addicted to drugs and then withdrawn from them, operated on without anesthesia, infants are cruelly deprived of their mothers to watch their unnatural development, are given leprosy, TB, and other infectious diseases, have their eye muscles cut or their eyeballs scooped out, are made deaf, dumb, blind.


In America, despite millions of taxpayer dollars spent on these cruel tests every year, the Journal of the American Medical Association reports that 106,000 hospital patients die every year from taking drugs prescribed by their doctors that were tested "safe" on animals (the 5th leading cause of death).


Help us promote the alternatives that already exist and fund the development of new alternatives, for humans' and animals' sakes.


We hope to add to the Alternatives Fund in order to have a reserve from which annual projects or grants can be supported. Please consider contributing to bring about positive change for animals.