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CHAI and Hakol Chai have rescued several horses, but there is still no sanctuary ready to accept abused horses in Israel. We are continuing to raise funds for a horse and donkey sanctuary, which will be on the grounds of our Campus for Compassionate Living (along with the Humane Education Center). After rehabilitation, these animals can be placed with responsible people, or allowed to live out their lives at the Campus, free from harm.




 Photo credit Avi Saad


Initially, the Sanctuary will include a barn for housing up to 20 horses, a second barn for up to 20 donkeys, feed storage, grazing area (irrigated in all or in part by recycled water), and an area to physically rehabilitate the horses.


Appropriate fencing is essential, for the security of the animals as well as visitors. Stories and photos of the individual animals will be posted on the fence, so visitors can get to know them better, and in support of an "adopt a horse" or "adopt a donkey" program.


A horse trailer will permit staff to rescue injured animals and bring them back to the Sanctuary.