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Horses Removed from Extreme Abuse in Jaffa






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Horses Removed from Abuse in Jaffa

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Nissim Meshulam bought them cheap, after their energy was spent, and resold them to cart vendors, to spend their last days hauling vegetables, furniture, and rocks from construction sites through heavily trafficked city streets. Starved, beaten, and forced to haul loads beyond their strength, at the end of the season they were abandoned to die on the side of the road. Some, Nissim kept in his filthy place in the old, industrial area of Tel Aviv, where he hacked them apart with an axe, fully conscious, in front of each other, to sell their meat as beef in the market.


When Hakol Chai learned of this, we sent an investigative reporter, who crouched on the roof of an adjacent building for days to film the animals' horrendous living conditions, filled with jagged, rusty metal and other garbage. Exposed on TV and sent to jail, Nissim was released in a few, short months, and was once again abusing horses. Again, Hakol Chai videotaped and exposed the plight of the horses and pressured the government to act.


The horses and dogs forced to live in squalor have now been seized and rescued.


Mr. Meshulam will be charged with cruelty to animals, and this time there will be no second chances. With your backing, Hakol Chai will go to the Knesset and ask that no one once accused of animal cruelty can ever have animals again, that horses and donkeys must be regularly licensed and inspected, and that they not be allowed to haul carts through heavy Tel Aviv traffic.


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Michal Nissim, Hakol Chai staff member, being interviewed during the rescue