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Hakol Chai Appeals to the Minister of Culture and Sport Today








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September 4, 2012, Ramat Gan


The writing is on the wall! Establishing legal betting on horse racing gives backing to the criminal element in Israeli society.


The appeal by Hakol Chai follows the affair revealed yesterday on Channel 10 News, showing that underworld elements caught by the law enforcement authorities have begun making preparations for the future establishment of the industry of betting on horse races in Israel.


In her letter to Limor Livnat, the Minister of Culture and Sport, Michal Volansky, professional director of Hakol Chai, said that the horseracing betting industry, based on the gambling subculture and on the gross mistreatment of animals, has many problematic implications for the societies in which it exists around the world.


Volansky added that the affair revealed yesterday (Monday, September 3, 2012) on Channel 10 News, in which Israel's police force and the Tax Authority captured money laundering offenders who purchased prestigious racehorses using this money in order to be ready to join the horse-racing industry if and when it comes to Israel, demonstrates clearly the social ills that we can expect if the Ministry of Culture and Sport continues to promote crime and underworld activities in Israeli society.


For a long time, Hakol Chai has been waging a determined struggle against the intention to establish the industry of betting on horse racing in Israel. The association says that takeover by criminal elements is an integral part of the world of gambling, and money-laundering operations are a matter of routine. Prostitution and drugs are also an integral part of the gambling subculture. Not only will making it legal in Israel not prevent these activities, it will encourage them.


The association also adds that research carried out by the Knesset in 2008 into the issue of gambling indicates unequivocally that the gambling industry has serious implications for society, increasing crime figures, and undermining the stability of Israeli society.


In addition, Hakol Chai says that this industry produces both social victims and also thousands of victims among the horses. The use of animals for betting is exploitation that results in mistreatment, turning the animals into machines, to be pushed to the limit in any possible way.


At the end of its letter, Hakol Chai appeals to the Minister of Culture and Sport not to give support to the world of crime, and not to sacrifice horses to financial interests.


According to Michal Volansky, professional director of Hakol Chai: "Throughout the world the industry of betting on horse racing produces economic instability, cultural hardship, and deep frustration on the part of the public, due to exposure of the truth behind the ostensible but false glamour of the industry. Horseracing for the purpose of betting, like dogfighting and bullfighting, is neither sport nor culture, it is cruelty for its own sake. This industry, which involves so many social ills, has never been part of our culture and there is no reason to make it so today. We expect the Minister of Culture and Sport to preserve our culture, rather than destroy it."