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6 May 2011, Tel Aviv


“Today the Finance Committee voted to take an active role in abusing horses,” said Ilan Jarus, Director of Hakol Chai, referring to the Committee’s decision to endorse the Council for Gambling in Sports’ plan to permit Israelis to gamble on horse racing outside of Israel. “The truth behind the glamorous image of horse racing in every country where this industry-based- on-greed exists is cruelty and corruption,” he added.


To keep the industry supplied, thousands of horses are bred annually, the few fastest selected to race, most of the rest sent to slaughter. Catastrophic injuries in training and while racing are common. Nearly all horses raced suffer from bleeding in the lungs from excessive exertion - which can be fatal – and from chronic ulcers and heart attacks. A British research study found, on average, that every horse is whipped 30 times per race.


At recent hearings before the U.S. Congress held in response to complaints of widespread cruelty and corruption, racing officials admitted that horses are drugged to enhance performance or mask pain so they can race even while injured, though this results in more serious injuries later. Regulations and state racing commissions have proven ineffective in halting the abuses, in part because new drug cocktails are invented faster than laboratories can develop tests to detect them. Laws and regulations to control cruelty and corruption in the industry have failed in every country where racing exists.


The Israeli government’s response to the reality of the cruelties inherent in the industry is to state that it will exempt race horses from the Animal Protection Law so racing officials will be free to be as cruel as they please. “It is an outrage that the public must be made aware of,” says Jarus. “If Israel allows the industry of gambling on horse racing to gain a foothold, it will be forced to either open slaughterhouses to kill young, healthy horses who cannot run fast enough to win, or it must enter the cruel live transport trade, sending horses to Europe to be slaughtered there and served up on dinner tables, at a time when other countries are banning this practice,” said Jarus.


Tens of thousands of horses – many former racehorses -- were slaughtered annually in the U.S. until 2007, when horse slaughter was prohibited there. Now, American horses are transported to slaughterhouses in Mexico and Canada. The average life expectancy of a Thoroughbred is 25 years, but most live only until 6 if raced. According to one study, in the U.S. more than 3,500 horses were injured so badly on the track or in training during a single year, they had to be euthanized. Over 400 racehorses die annually in the UK, many of them during races.


“The MKs who voted for the Regulations are aware of the abuse, they are familiar with the facts, but in spite of this, today they made a decision to pull the trigger,” said Jarus.