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Hakol Chai Enters the West Bank
to Rescue Abandoned Animals






Planning the Rescue

Rescuing Abandoned Animals in Gaza

Rescuing Animals in the West Bank

Stories from the Rescuers





After Gaza, our rescue of abandoned animals continues in the West Bank



Our mobile clinic enters a danger zone


August 29, 2005: Today, our rescue team entered the West Bank settlements of Sanur and Homesh, the first rescuers to arrive since the evacuations. The area has now become dangerous, and there is shooting on the road. When we drew near to the settlements, the soldiers guarding us detected what appeared to be a bomb on the road just ahead. For two hours, the Army experts carefully dismantled the object, ultimately determining it to be a cleverly designed replica of a bomb, but only a replica.


For the rest of the day, we worked to trap abandoned and feral cats. Though the terrain was difficult, the team persisted.


 A helpful soldier bringing a cat to the clinic