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Dog hit by shrapnel from
Katyusha rocket 
Photo: Avi Hirschfield


As Israelís hardest hit northern town of Kiryat Shmona is evacuated, volunteers of Hakol Chai, the Israeli sister charity of Concern for Helping Animals in Israel (CHAI), rush to provide emergency first aid to injured animals, to evacuate animals of evacuees, and to leave food and water for those left behind on deserted streets by residents fleeing to bomb shelters.


Already, Hakol Chai has sent more than 12 tons of dog and cat food, water bowls, large containers to transport water, vaccines, and supplies to the north of the country, including to the municipal pounds of Kiryat Shmona, Tiberias, and Ma'alei Yossef, for the animals there. Night after night, Hakol Chai teams of volunteers brave danger to enter deserted northern communities, providing a lifeline to animals left behind by people fleeing to bomb shelters or to safer areas of the country.


Hundreds of people have called Hakol Chai's hotline set up to help animals during the crisis ó those eager to volunteer, to adopt animals, or to provide a foster home for animals until their families are able to care for them again. Many animals of evacuees have been placed in foster homes.




From a house in Akko, rescuers evacuated numerous cats, three dogs, eight puppies, a falcon, pigeons, and rabbits in cages, about twenty chickens, parrots and other animals. From Nahariya, they saved the life of a dog hit by a Katyusha rocket, and rescued two dogs tied so tightly they could not lie down, administering first aid before evacuating them to a boarding facility. Responding to a call from Shlomi residents about a dog who was beaten when she tried to enter a bomb shelter, volunteers provided emergency care to the abused, starving, and dehydrated dog before evacuating her. (Note: After the ceasefire, Hakol Chai was able to reunite this dog with her family. See Happy Reunions.) An exhausted dog with her eight puppies were treated and evacuated from Sfat. In Akko, Nahariya, Ma'alot and Kiryat Shmona, Hakol Chai volunteer teams provided emergency first aid and distributed food, water, and supplies to animals in the line of fire.


Volunteers put out food for hungry, thirsty animals left behind in deserted communities,
where cars and buildings were bombed.


A dog who was beaten when she tried to enter a bomb shelter; evacuated by Hakol Chai.



  Looking to the Future

Now our task becomes to reunite animals placed in foster homes with their families, and to find homes for those without families or whose families cannot be located. Hakol Chai is establishing a temporary shelter for the many puppies rescued from the streets by volunteers. We need your help with funds for cages, fencing, food, veterinary care, and workers to help care for them over the next few months, until all are placed.