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Puppies Who Are Seeking a Loving Family in Israel






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Many puppies abandoned during the fighting in the north of Israel were saved thanks to Hakol Chai volunteers. Most of them were 6 to 8 weeks old when rescued. Many of these puppies were adopted in Israel, and others have traveled to the U.S. to find homes.


Here the some of the dogs who were adopted in Israel
or who have traveled to the USA:




Shula is a mischievous and sweet 4-month-old female puppy with an engaging personality. She radiates lots of joy of life and love for humans. She likes to play with whatever she comes upon, with special priority given to dolls and soft pillows. She is waiting longingly for the special family who will love her and take good care of her. She will grow to be a small-to-medium size dog.


I've been adopted!




Punch is a 4-month-old female puppy. She is very sweet, and she has lots of energy. She will be small.


I've been adopted!



Humit (Brownie)

Humit is a 4-month-old female puppy. She loves to play, but she is also calm. She will be small. Humit and Nekuda are very good friends, and it would be wonderful if they could be placed in a home together.


I've been adopted!



Nekuda (Dot)

Nekuda is a 4-month-old male puppy, with a white dot on his forehead. He has lots of energy. He will be small. Nekuda and Humit are very good friends, and it would be wonderful if they could be placed in a home together.

  I've been adopted!



Kfitz (Bouncy)

A 3.5 month old female puppy, found in Metula after its residents were evacuated. A true sweetie. We expect her size will be small to medium.


I've been adopted!




Three months old, abandoned with her twin brother near Nahariya. Likes to cuddle up, and with one lick melts the heart of all who meet her.


I've been adopted!



Buba (Doll)

Prankish and funny, likes to play with both people and dogs. She is 2 months old and is expected to stay tiny.


I've been adopted!




This energetic dog is expected to reach a considerable size. Now, at 3 months old, he spends most of his time playing and eating. He is always eager for physical activity.


I've been adopted!




Three months old and needs lots of warmth and love. His main occupation is attracting attention by being amusing.


I'm in the USA!




A 2.5 month old female, found in a cardboard box with her brothers and sisters near Kibbutz Hanita, close to the Lebanese border. Her two sisters and her brother were already adopted. She is expected to stay small.


I've been adopted!




Pufy's twin brother and, just like her, loves to cuddle. He is soft and warm, and always in the mood for a loving pat.


  I've been adopted!




Sweet little puppy, a true gem. He is 3.5 months old and so full of love that it's a pleasure to kiss him.


I've been adopted!




This cheerful pup needs a spacious home. He is expected to be big and eagerly awaits the moment he will start sharing his life with a loving and responsible family.

I've been adopted!
And here I am with my wonderful new family!



Zola is one of four charming half-Schnauzer female puppies. They are waiting for a warm & loving home to start enjoying life. They are calm, sweet, & love kids very much.

I've been adopted!
Two of my sisters are in the USA!




Joya, a half-Schnauzer female puppy, is 5 months old. She is a very sweet dog who will grow up to be big. She is an energetic, playful, adorable puppy who will prefer a house with a back yard

I've been adopted!
Two of my sisters are in the USA!



Damka and Hilly

Damka (Checkers, on the left) and Box (on the right) are two female dogs. They are amazing, naughty and mischievous, and full of love. They deserve to be loved, because they give back more than could be described in words. They will grow to be medium-size dogs.


We're both in the USA!



Iza and Izo

Iza and her twin brother Izo are two fascinating and calm puppies who will grow to be large dogs. They like to cuddle, and we recommend cuddling with them whenever possible!


We're both in the USA!




Lavan (White)

Lavan is one of four amazing siblings who will grow to be large dogs. They love petting and kissing and people; they prefer them all together, and as much as possible. There is no greater fun than giving them exactly what they want!


I've been adopted!

My sisters are in the USA!



Pitzit (Tiny)

Pitzit is a tiny female dog, a real doll. From the moment you approach her, she is happy. She wags her tail with excitement and licks your face with all her heart. She is gentle and likes children. Pitzit will remain small.


I'm in the USA!




Bib is a charming and irresistible puppy. He is naughty, and he enjoys all types of games. He's a real cutie, and it is difficult not to fall in love with him. He has a white bib and socks, and he will probably grow to be a large dog.


I'm in the USA!




Augustus is a sweet puppy who enjoys life endlessly. He is about three months old and will grow to be a large dog.


I've been adopted!




Milki is a charming female puppy. She is gentle, has a heart of gold, and is suitable for a family with children. She is about three months old and will grow to be a medium-size dog.


I've been adopted!




Mumin is a sweet puppy. He likes to sleep and eat, and he's always eager to play and be petted and hugged. He is about two months old and will grow to be a medium-size dog.


I've been adopted!




Bully is half boxer, young and energetic. He loves people very much and is not ashamed to show it. This is the dog for anyone looking for boundless love.


I've been adopted!



Malka (Queen)

Amazing Malka is a real queen. She is medium size and she will remain so. She has an excellent character, very gentle and calm, and she likes to be pampered. She is very friendly and will be an excellent addition to the family.


I'm in the USA!




Lisa is 10 months old, and her only wish is to receive unending affection. She was found during the war in the north, outside the house abandoned by her original family. The volunteers were told that she would not leave the door of the house for two weeks, waiting for her family to return. But in spite of her great loyalty, the family did not come back, and Lisa was taken by Hakol Chai. She is friendly and will be glad to live with you in a home with a garden.


I've been adopted!





A female St. Bernard, about 4, rescued by Hakol Chai volunteers. A woman who fled Nahariya because she was terrified by falling rockets contacted us and asked us to check on her dogs, who she left behind. Our volunteers found Luka and another dog, both starving and tied standing up, with no ability to lie down. The dogs were very excited to see the volunteers, and as soon as they received food and initial medical care, demonstrated amazing friendliness and liveliness. Since then, Hakol Chai volunteers have been caring for Luka. We hope she will be adopted by a loving, responsible family.


I've been adopted!