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We have already begun the tasks of reuniting lost animals with their guardians, of finding new homes for those whose guardians have not been located, and of finding homes for those animals who had none.


Our first success was Jessie, a Weimaraner.


When Jessie's family evacuated the northern town of Shlomi, they left her with relatives, but not long afterwards, the relatives, also, fled to a bomb shelter, leaving Jessie with neighbors. When the neighbors evacuated, Jessie was on the street, without food and water.


Starving, dehydrated, terrified, she desperately tried to enter a bomb shelter, but she was badly beaten by a few terrible people and suffered internal injuries. Good people who witnessed her fate immediately called Hakol Chai, CHAI's sister charity in Israel, and Jessie was whisked to a vet, treated, and placed with one of the many families who called the Hakol Chai's emergency hotline, volunteering to foster lost and abandoned animals.


Hakol Chai had taken Jessie onto Channel 2, on Israel's Good Morning show, along with other animals we are boarding and caring for, in the hope of finding her family. Thanks to help from the municipality, her family was located, and Jessie was back on Channel 2 for the happy reunion.



We hope for similar happy endings for all lost and abandoned animals everywhere.



Reunion photos: Eli Atias