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Garden Party: Rescued Puppies' Reunion




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On October 7, 2007, a very special garden party was held in Virginia. It was the one-year anniversary reunion of those puppies rescued during the war between Israel and Hezbollah who were brought to the Washington area to find homes.


Screams of delight were heard as the adoptive families saw their puppies' siblings for the first time and realized they were identical twins. Ziva and Isabel's parents compared notes about their pups behavior and habits. "Did yours do this at the beginning?" "Yes! Yours, too?" Sabra and Liora took over the pool, Latke and Corona kissed, and Shayna and Sabra (another Sabra) graciously endured all the attention and repeatedly being told they looked gorgeous. Though not siblings, Neri and Bella recognized one another instantly, leapt on each other and began a frantic play session that didn't end until it was time to go home, when their mothers decided they would just have to arrange a play date for them.


Not everyone was able to make it to the event, but attendees had a ball and asked for an encore, so we hope even more will be able to attend next time.


We'd like to thank Ruth and Bucky McNey for so generously lending us their backyard for the reunion, and also the First Presbyterian Church of Annandale for lending us chairs.


Please donate
to CHAI so more animals can be helped in the future.



The event was covered by ABC TV News and the press.

Read an article in the Washington Jewish Week

Watch the ABC TV video (click and wait a few seconds)

Watch a short video


Wow a party!

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Cooling off in the pool

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Liora, Sabra, and Snow
(Baby, Babe, and Snow)

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Latke and Corona
(Ashley and Merry Kate)

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Sabra and Shayna (Luna and Donna)

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Isabel and Ziva (Leah and Zeeva)

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Bella (Hermon)

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Ro'eh (Nezek)

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