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Veterinarian and Shelter Staff Training 2000





Course & Training 1999

Shelter Management Manual

Training 2000

Conference & Training 2003


As a follow-up to our very successful 1999 course and training for municipal veterinarians, heads of shelters, and shelter workers, CHAI was invited to give additional hands-on training. Several municipal veterinarians who had attended our first course requested on-site training for the staff of their pounds, and we were asked to work with shelters that we had not had time to visit during the first training.


In June 2000, Penny Cistaro, one of the experts who conducted the 1999 training, returned to Israel to give individualized counseling sessions to the staff of municipal pounds and shelters in cities throughout the country, often spending a full day at a shelter.


Penny Cistaro has over 25 years of experience running shelters, most recently the Peninsula Humane Society in San Mateo, California. She is an independent consultant and trainer at shelters nationwide and works as a cruelty investigator.



Follow-up Training

CHAI was invited back to give a conference and further training. See Veterinarian and Shelter Management Training 3 (2003)