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Examples of Animal Experiments in Israel






Examples of Animal Experiments in Israel



Meet the Animals: How They Live & Die

Primate Experimentation: Israel's Complicity




Tel Aviv University

Researchers at the Goldschleger Eye Research Institute, Tel Aviv University Faculty of Medicine and the Sheba Medical Center, used 32 adult cats in an experiment designed "to study the integration of an artificial metal conductor in the mammalian brain." Incisions were made in the visual cortex of 18 cats and a silver wire electrode was implanted in the cortex. The researchers' conclusion: "A metal conductor implanted in the mammalian visual cortex has a negligible effect on the efficiency of the cells there, and thus chemically inert metals may serve in the future as artificial conductors implanted in the brain."1


Israel Institute for Biological Research

Researchers at the Department of Pharmacology, Israel Institute for Biological Research, Ness Ziona, used rabbits to investigate the effect of exposure to sulfur mustard vapor, a chemical warfare agent. Following exposure to the vapor, damage caused to the rabbits' eyes was examined. Exposure to the sulfur mustard "initiated typical clinical symptoms within 2-6 hours, characterized by eye closure, eyelid swelling, conjunctival hyperemia, corneal erosions and inflammation. The clinical signs were significantly dose-dependent and reached a peak at 24-72 hours post-exposure… A second phase of pathological processes started as early as two weeks post exposure and was characterized by corneal edema, opacity, recurrent erosions and neovascularization." Conclusion: "Our experimental model is useful for studying the pathological mechanisms of sulfur mustard-ocular lesions, and may serve for testing potential therapies."2


Brain/Eye Experiment on Cats in Israel



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