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Meet the Animals: How They Live & Die

Primate Experimentation: Israel's Complicity




Destined to live their lives confined in small cages, Rhesus monkeys are assigned to a very broad range of research projects. Exploited at universities, commercial labs, and military facilities, they have little hope of ever reaching their natural lifespan of about 30 years. More often, they will be killed before they are 10, when they succumb to psychosis induced by years of confinement and abuse in repetitive experiments. There are tens of thousands of captive-bred Rhesus monkeys imprisoned in vivisection institutions.



Primates are the most closely related to humans of all species, with whom they share 99% of their DNA. They are used in research on experimental surgery, intelligence, and organ transplantation, as well as for studies on numerous specific diseases like AIDS, hepatitis, and cancer. Many modern researchers mistrust this outdated and questionable medical model, especially because newer non-animal investigative tools (like sophisticated computer modeling) are universally available.